Sell your home faster after it has been inspected!

Having your house inspected before you list it has a lot of benefits:

1. It eliminates any surprises that you may discover while trying to sell your house.

2. You can find out and repair any issues that might be discovered before people see them.  Sometimes minor issues present as major issues and a simple fix will take care of the problem.

3. Easier for a real estate agent to price your house when they know the condition of the house.  Also buyer might be more inclined to purchase a house they don’t need to pay for a home inspection.

4. It puts you in control of the repairs.  The seller can pick who does the repairs, as well as the time line for repairs.  If you have to get repairs done in a hurry, you don’t always get to choose.

5. Greatly reduces and possibly eliminates the need for negotiations. 

6. As a seller, you look proactive and ready to sell the house.